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Our Warranty

We also supply a Belford warranty on all of our new build homes which lasts for two years from the date of legal completion and covers items that may not be included in the LABC/Premier Guarantee cover. The guarantee covers items supplied as part of the new home and defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials.

Our warranty is still valid if you sell or let your home. If you choose to sell your home, whilst it is still within warranty, the cover automatically transfers to the new owners. Our warranty does not protect you against every problem that occurs, and you are obliged to carry out maintenance on your home. Our Belford Homes warranty does not cover problems with any workmanship, material or appliances that the homeowner has brought or added to the property. It also does not cover damage caused by;

  • Storms
  • Accidental damage
  • Negligence
  • Abuse
  • Poor maintenance of the property or appliances
  • Blockages caused by inappropriate disposal of waste.

Please note: Any alteration or extensions made to your Belford Home following legal completion may adversely affect all or part of our warranty.

Our Belford Homes warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Some manufacturers will offer warranties to our customers over and above our initial Belford Homes two-year warranty, so please contact manufacturers own customer services department.  Several limitations and conditions apply.

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